Garry Lewis

Garry Lewis

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First Name * Garry
Last Name * Lewis
Username * Kungfujackrabbit
Country * USA
City Sugarhill
Languages English





I have a B.A. in architectural and product design. I began using 3D as my media of choice in my 3rd yr of a five yr degree at Kansas State University. I have worked in the 3D field even during school as an intern for an architectural office. I moved to working on films, broadcast for the next 4 years at several studios across the US. I have been in studios from Hollywood to Kansas City and now in Atlanta. I've worked as the ArtDirector and more recently the Creative Director at Meggitt Defense Systems Fats for about the past 4 yrs. I really enjoy the team of 3D artist I work with and continue to build the departments workload as well as its capabilities.
I also own and run Kungfujackrabbit studios. This studio was created to provide a change of pace for me and other artists I enjoy working with. Thats about all for now.